Branch Area

Branch Area

Branch Area Coverage

The Erewash Valley branch of CAMRA covers a slightly strangely shaped area, as you can see in the diagram opposite – it’s a kind of deformed Italy shape, squashed in between the large branches of Nottingham and Derby. Click on the image if you want to see a more detailed version.

The map is not perfectly accurate, but gives a good idea of the area that we cover. To be sure that you are in our area then please check your postcode. Of course, any member can affiliate themselves with any branch that is convenient for them – if you wish to shift into our branch then just get in touch with our Membership Secretary. If your postcode is in our list but the map doesn’t highlight it, or vice versa, then drop the Webmaster a line and they will get it sorted.

Postcode List

The full list of postcodes that are officially in our branch are are as follows: bits of DE7 (subcodes 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9), DE75 7, NG10 and NG16 4. This gives rise to a couple of anomalies that we tend to… well… ignore. Awsworth and Cossall should be ours, but belong to Nottingham – that doesn’t stop two committee members living there. Kimberley is so far from Nottingham that it’s often forgotten by them, and we have more meetings in pubs in Kimberley than they do.

We have Kirk Hallam but not West Hallam, Long Eaton and Sandiacre but not Stapleford. We have members in Beeston and have the odd meeting in a pub in Ockbrook. In short, we cover the areas around the Erewash Valley (which we’re meant to) but also borrow the bits on the edge of Derby and Nottingham branch areas that tend to be overlooked by them. We certainly haven’t had any complaints yet, and the pubs are more than happy to welcome us – maybe they are feeling just a little bit neglected by their official branch….