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Category: Finance

Why Taxpayers Are Most Likely to Cash Advance Their Tax Refunds
Image 06/21/2020 Finance Carla Brunner

The need for instant cash is the reason why people cash advance their tax refunds.

A taxpayer can have his tax refund after 21 days upon filing his income tax return by e-filing it with TurboTax. But for someone who needs money urgently, 21 days may be too long to wait. The best way is through a refund anticipation loan.

When caught with the following dilemma, applying for the quickest loan can get you out of trouble. Here the most common reasons why taxpayers cash advance their tax refunds through refund anticipation loans.

engine troubleCar Repair

You can genuinely be handicapped from doing your normal activities when your car unexpectedly breakdown and you have no other recourse than to bring it to a repair shop. Car repair can costly, and your loose change in your pocket may not be enough to pay for it. If you do not have any savings left from your last salary, then a quick loan can let your car be repaired. This can give you back your normal life.

Late Rent

It would be very uncomfortable for us if we haven’t paid our house rent for the month. Our agony can be doubled if we have a landlord who may not take ‘later’ as a response. With a refund anticipation loan, you may be able to pay your rent tomorrow if you submit your application online today.

Past Due Utilities

Being cut off our power supply because of the non-payment of bills can be one of the worst things that can ever happen to us. We need power in almost everything that we do in our homes, from cooking to bathing, washing, cleaning, and many more. We can be very helpless indeed when we are cut off from our power supply.

Medical Care

We should never take our health for granted. It helps to see the doctor at the very first sign of an illness. With quick loans such as refund anticipation loans, seeing gong for a medical consultation may not be a problem anymore. You may also be able to buy drugs that are prescribed to you by the doctor.

faucetHome Services

Hiring [articular home services may not wait. This may include plumbing, pest control, and some home renovations. You must hire services to act on the problem before it can get worst.

According to a study, most Americans use their tax refund for their basic needs. If you use your refund anticipation loan for one of the reasons above, the survey proves to be realistic.…

Tips for choosing a good cash card
Image 08/21/2018 Finance Harold Gray

Cash cards have become very commonly used by most people because of the various advantages that they have. The cash cards will enable you to shop anywhere and at any time. Similarly, cash cards can be topped up with cash at any time because you can do it from a PayPoint, from your phone, transfer from your bank or visit a post office. To get more information about cash cards and how you can get one then you can check on getting a cash card for your errands can be tricky and difficult. But worry less because in this article we give you guidelines to assist you in obtaining the best cash card.

Evaluation of spending habits

Evaluating your spending habits will be very essential when you consider getting a cash card. You should check the amount of visa cardsmoney you spend on a higher side before setting a limit on your card. On the other hand, you will need to determine the purpose of the card. You can identify where your shopping is usually based. For instance, you decide whether or not you will be shopping for gas, groceries or clothes. With this, you will understand the type of card that will suit you.

Consider online top up

Doing your top up of the card online will be not only convenient but also time-saving. Therefore before you decide to choose a particular cash card, you should determine whether the card can be loaded online. This is crucial because some cash cards are not reloaded online.

Check the rates

wallet This is also another crucial factor that you should look into when you are looking to choose a cash card. You will be able to get good savings when you choose the best card that has the best rates. This is because different companies offer different rates according to the purchases that you make. Therefore you should always go for cash cards that have higher interest rates.

Determine you spend

Before you decide to select a particular cash card, you should be able to determine the money that you mostly spend on an average basis. This is important because the kind of card you will choose is the one that will determine your purchases. Different cash cards have different offers where you are expected to choose the best offer that will suit your needs. It is therefore crucial that you determine the amount of money you usually use and you will get a card that is in line with your spend.…

Bitcoin Mining in Singapore
Image 06/29/2018 Finance Carla Brunner

Ever since 2011, bitcoin has been growing in both popularity and acceptance. More and more people all over the world want to share in this latest hype. As more and more people join the bitcoin market, the demand for the currency goes up and when this happens, its value hikes in leaps. For instance, when bitcoin was first launched, its value was less than 0.1$. Today, about six years later, the value is higher than 16,000 $. This value keeps on rising as the demand grows.

Apart from that, bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. What this means is that it is unregulated by any government. It is not tied to any country which means that it is freely transferable. The fact that it is unregulated leaves it at the mercy of the laws of demand and supply. This makes it very hard for one to predict how it might behave in future which makes it a very unstable asset in the trade. Most investors shy away from it as it is possible to lose their wealth when it is devalued.


Getting Bitcoins

Based on the possibly great returns that one may get from Bitcoin trading, the one thing that most people may want to know is how to get the Bitcoins and in pretty. The good news is that it is possible, the bad news that it is not that easy.

There are majorly two ways to which one may be able to get Bitcoins:

· Normal Purchase

Just like with the normal currencies, one may purchase Bitcoins using the local currency. The process is just like any other foreign exchange transaction. In Singapore, there are readily established bitcoin exchanges for purely exchanging normal currency for Bitcoins. The bitcoin exchange works to bring both buyers and sellers together. The major bitcoin exchanges that are there in Singapore are itBit, CoinHako and FYB-SG.

Other ways through which one may purchase Bitcoins include the use of brokers who act more or less like Bitcoin Exchanges. One may also use an ATM to deposit or withdraw Bitcoins.

· Mining Bitcoins

This is the other method of getting Bitcoins. Mining involves solving complex mathematical problems after which you are rewarded with Bitcoins. One complex block of a puzzle has 12.5 Bitcoins. To solve the puzzles, one needs to have a mining hardware that is available in stores and even online for instance Amazon.

One also needs to download a special type of mining software to enable the hardware to receive commands from your computer.

bitcoin 2Since the whole concept of Bitcoins is virtual, you also need to have a virtual wallet where you can store your Bitcoins. In Singapore, there are several sites on which you can open a virtual wallet. The major sites which provide wallet services include; Coinbase and which are international. The local ones are CoinHako and Luno. These wallets usually provide you with a unique address that identifies you alone. It is recommended to have the wallet in a PC that is not connected to the internet for security purposes. Bitcoins may also be used to shop in some physical and online stores.…

What is a Merchant Cash Advance
Image 12/15/2017 Finance Brittany Hartwell

A merchant cash advance is a special type of loan that relies on the information on your credit card. They use the credit card expenditure information to detect the needs of your business, then give you a loan that suits your needs. It is different from the other conventional loans that you are used to. If you wish to understand what is a merchant cash advance, keep on reading as we discuss it below.

To start with, although it is a loan directed at your business, it does not work like the rest. This one does not dictate what you should do with the money, and they will not give you an interest rate based on the market rates. Instead of that, everyone gets what they require. You will find out that the amount you qualify for is not the amount that other people qualify for because you do not have the same credit card information. These loans are becoming quite popular, especially because they are issued online

Technology-based loans

MONEYThe merchant cash advance loans rely on technology to detect information from a user’s credit card. This means that your card istracked with every transaction that you get. This information is then used to compute the amount of cash that your business needs, the repayment period, and how much interest rates you need. There is no need to worry about things such as proof of your documents because once they have the credit card info, they have everything that you need. It makes it quite easy and simple to apply for the loans because of the technology factor.

Loans are customized

One of the reasons why these loans have been popular in recent times is because of the way they are tailored based on the needs of every business. You will notice that they understand when your business is doing fine, and when it is struggling. Imagine, finding a lender who adjusts your loans based on how you are performing. The biggest advantage of this is during the repayment period. Never worry when you are struggling yet you have a load to repay because the rates will be adjusted accordingly, and you will not feel the pinch of paying a loan much.

Ideal for any business

ACCOUNTANTThis is the only loan that takes care of all business. Whether you are a big established business looking for funds, or a small one that has just started, the loan has got you covered. To make things even better, your finances are kept different from those of your business. Therefore, when the business is affected, the loan will only be adjusted based on that regardless of whether you have more money personally. If you loathe the way traditional high street lenders discriminate against businesses based on the size as well as many other things, this is the solution that you need.

As you can see, a merchant cash advance could be what you have been missing when you want to improve your business. Try it and enjoy the new freedom that modern businesses need.…

Common Money Management Mistakes to Avoid
Image 11/26/2017 Finance Carla Brunner

When you need to find ways of saving money and affording your precious life goals such as going for a vacation, you must get in touch with your inner self. You must get grips with your financial management capabilities and improve them. Achieving goals only become a reality when your lifestyle matches an environment that surrounds you and takes advantage of it. According to 1 Hour Loans USA, a  leading portal for 1 hour payday loans lenders, managing your money must be a habit that lets you profit from opportunities around you while safeguarding you against pitfalls. In this regard, there are common money management mistakes to avoid that you need to know.

Thinking you do not have money to save

payday loan advanceAvoid being part of the crowd living in scarcity. Making it in life and getting a comfortable life later requires an abundant mindset. You must tell yourself that you are capable of becoming wealthy. You need to redefine your conception of wealth and consider it as a position where you can live comfortably on your means with no worries. After that, you must start saving the little you have. The failure to save money is a direct threat to your financial future. People can save money at all income levels. Your savings will give you much more in return than you anticipate. Savings give you an emotional buffer against the stress of being broke. That way, they help you stay healthy. Savings also give you an ego boost allowing you to live comfortably with what you already have, as you grow your bank. Savings also help you take care of small emergencies so that you do not succumb to the biggest financial threat, which is relying on high-interest loans just to survive.

Living paycheck to paycheck

You must differentiate your savings from your regular expenditure money. The next step should be to stretch your income to last the month. Savings is expenditure that comes immediately you earn some money. It is money you keen aside never to touch unless some things happen. On the other hand, the money you stay with as your remaining disposable income has to serve you until month end. A desired behavior of the financially responsible people is to plan up to a few days in the next paycheck period. That way, they will still have some money to spend in case their paycheck delays. Find out more from the internet on ways to abandon the rat race. Living hand to mouth assures you of no progress a year down the line. Meanwhile, pre-planned considerations and stretching the dollar using minimalism or frugality principles gives you peace of mind, make you happier, and transforms your income into a wealth creation opportunities. It also helps you tackle mountains of debt.

Being expenditure blind

same day loansAn expenditure blind person does not know where the money goes. Thus, he or she does not know the financial future and the risks it presents. The cure to the lean purse as ancient merchants used to say is to understand the flow of money in and out of the purse. When you know where you are spending money, you empower yourself to tame the expenditure. For instance, when you know that a given amount goes to rent, you can make decisions about your rent to help cut your expenses. The same goes for car payments, office accessories, clothing, grooming, and eating out expenditures. Track your spending and enjoy the benefits of making informed money handling decisions.…